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Welcome to The Potter’s Wheel Christian Fellowship website. We are pleased that your search has led you to us.

We are a dynamic Spirit filled and Spirit-led church that is family friendly and community sensitive.  We are fully committed to the bold but compassionate proclamation of the Gospel.  It is our belief that every believer is an active minister in carrying out the Great Commission.

Please feel free to browse this site and get to know some of the different programs we are currently offering.

Our Church Bulletin is also available for you to see our current monthly activities. All our ministries promote an active relationship with God.  Our mission is to exalt Christ, equip the believer and extend God's Kingdom in our community. Our goal is to serve God, church and community.

Have you watched busy little birds battling for position after you fill a bird feeder? Even though there are many places at the "table", the birds fight for whatever place one of their neighbors is using. The source of food at each place is the same. Knowing that all the feeding stations are equal, I shake my head at their obvious greed.

But then I wonder, Why is it so much easier to see the greed of birds than it is to see our own? How oftern have wee wanted the place at "God's table" that someone else has, even though we know all good things come from the same source - God - and that His supply will never run out. Since God can prepare a table for us even in the presence of our ennemies (Psalm 23:5), why be concerned that someone else might have the station in life that we want?

The Lord is able to give us "all sufficiency in all things" so that we will have "an abundance for every good work" (II Corinthians 9:8). When we recognize the importance of our work as ministers of the grace of God (I Peter 4:10), we'll stop striving to take over someone elses position and be grateful for the place God has given us to serve others on His behalf.

Don't be distracted by those to your left or your right, but seek out God's will and perfect plan created specifically for your life by taking the next step in your walk with Him.

If you're already a believer and looking for a good local church, or if you're a seeker looking for truth and meaning for your life, we would consider it a privilege to have you drop by and check us out.

We look forward to seeing you.

Pastor Andy